Rafaat Hallab 1881

The Taste Of Lebanon

Since 1881, Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL has been gratifying their customers’ gourmet fantasies with the most delicious homemade oriental pastries. Still improving on the legacy of the past,Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL pastries are now a reference in Lebanese sweets WORLDWIDE …

Welcome to Rafaat Hallab 1881 – INTERNATIONAL STORE

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Sweet Privileges Card

Rafaat Hallab 1881 values your precious contribution to his continuous success and returns the favor with “Sweet Privileges”, a plus points program offering you rewards to be redeemed in exchange of sweets gifts.

• Every 1000 LBP spent is worth 1 point at Rafaat Hallab 1881.

• Once you accumulate 200 points, you can directly redeem them.

• Two types of cards are available: prepaid and postpaid.

• Coming soon: Rafaat Hallab Application allowing Sweet Privileges cardholders to buy their sweets through their Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows mobile.

• To track the earned points 24/7, access our website: www.hallab.com

Could life get any sweeter?