Halva Shoushieh

Halva Shoushieh – حلاوة شوشية


Ingredients: Tahina – Sugar – Lemon Salt – Shalsh Halawa

  • Freshly exported from Lebanon
  • 100% natural fresh ingredients, No preservatives
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Delivered in 2 to 5 working days



Product Description

Hallab Halva Shoushieh

Halva Shoushieh

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Soft sesame halva is made from sugar syrup,  and sesame seeds. Solid sesame halva is made from pulled sugar, repeatedly stretched to give a white colour; prepared sesame is added to the warm sugar and formed on big trays.  it isn’t particularly healthy due to its high sugar content

Weight Includes the box

Ingredients: Tahina – Sugar – Lemon Salt – Shalsh Halawa
Weight: 1 Kg(s)

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg


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