flower jam

Flower Jam – مربى الزهر


Flower Jam

  • Freshly exported from Lebanon
  • 100% natural fresh ingredients, 0 chemicals
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Delivered in 2 to 5 working days



Product Description

Flower Jam – مربى الزهر


(Flower Jam)There is nothing that heals the soul quite like salt water, time spent with friends and Rose Petal Jam

Flower jelly is easy to make, and makes a flavorful addition to the pantry. Almost any edible flower can be made into jelly. Because flowers taste differently, a combination of flowers can be used to produce unique flavors to add to a variety of culinary creations

When choosing flowers to make jam, it is important to be certain you properly identify the flower. There are a few flowers that closely resemble each other, and miss identification can lead to a jam that makes you sick. Select flowers that have not had any chemicals applied to them, and that are fresh and bright in color, without any dead spots. Fresh flowers will produce a jam  that is richer in flavor and color, but if you don’t have access to fresh flowers, dried flowers will work; the color will just not be as attractive. In addition, you may need to use more dried flowers to get the same flavor that fresh flowers yield.

Weight Includes the box

Ingredients: Lemon Flower – sugar – citric acid.
Weight: 1 Kg(s)

Net Weight: 900 G r

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg


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