Vegan Products

At Rafaat Hallab, we are now introducing our new line of vegan products, sweets, and different other products.

vegetarian diet

Vegan products refer to anything that’s free of animal products. Most importantly, a vegetarian diet, is commonly understood to forbid meat and fish. But to allow both eggs and dairy. The word vegan takes this concept to the next level.

Absolutely, a customer can become a vegan product consumer through diet alone.  Since, vegan products were originally defined purely in dietary terms.

A handful of vegans insist that it is not merely a diet. It extends into every corner of your lifestyle. In other words, you don’t get to be a vegan, until you go beyond food to purge your life of leather, wool, and animal-derived cosmetics. These are people would love to revoke your vegan membership card if they find out you haven’t yet taken your 10-year-old leather snow-boots to the thrift store.