Rafaat Hallab 1881

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Since 1881, Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL has been gratifying their customers’ gourmet fantasies with the most delicious homemade oriental pastries. Still improving on the legacy of the past,Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL pastries are now a reference in Lebanese sweets WORLDWIDE …

Welcome to Rafaat Hallab 1881 – INTERNATIONAL STORE

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Name of the company: Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL
Date of The creation: 1881
Head Office Address:
Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL Building, Tall Street, Tripoli, Lebanon
P.O. Box:1207
Contact e-mail:corporate@hallab.com

Countries of franchises:
Lebanon Number of franchises: 2
Self-owned: 5

Description of the concept:
Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL is currently offering potential investors a Franchise operating concept in a new and modified model, permitting the Franchisor to have a reasonable investment with an acceptable rate of return. Our franchise model consists simply of a standard sweet making kitchen and a very appealing and differentiated point of sales, with standard quality, best trained personnel, and solid customer service. History: The story has started with the founder Hajj Rafaat Hallab in 1881, in a small store of only few meters square in old souk of Tripoli. With time, the small store has been transferred to different areas of old Tripoli’s souks and finally a first big shop on Tall Street has been initiated under the trademark Rafaat Hallab & sons Sweets. At that time, The company excelled in the production of Halawet Al-Gobn, Knafa products, Halawat Al-riz, Kashta, and other Jams and distillers products. Many quality certificates have been granted to Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL lately ISO9001:2008 quality certification. Rafaat Hallab & Sons has been and still gratifying their customer’s gourmet fantasies with the most delicious homemade oriental pastries. Still improving on the legacy of the past, Rafaat Hallab & sons 1881 pastries are now a reference in Lenbanese sweets. Their craftsmen choose the best of nut pistachios, pine kernels, and other vitamin-loaded prime ingredients to give you the finest of oriental sweets.

The company is always looking to maintain the quality of its products through selecting the best base ingredients and raw materials, improving the industry to satisfy its clients, and serving them faster worldwide by using modern packaging techniques, continuing to maintain this artistic and traditional handcraft through choosing qualified and experienced employees.