Rafaat Hallab 1881

The Taste Of Lebanon

Since 1881, Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL has been gratifying their customers’ gourmet fantasies with the most delicious homemade oriental pastries. Still improving on the legacy of the past,Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL pastries are now a reference in Lebanese sweets WORLDWIDE …

Welcome to Rafaat Hallab 1881 – INTERNATIONAL STORE

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Thanks to extensive research and intensive studies, Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL, offers you its traditionally manufactured Lebanese sweets, processed through new preservation techniques, relying on nitrogen to increase shelf life for a whole year after production while maintaining the same great taste appreciated by our customers since 1881.
Maintaining the highest standard of quality, it has been proven through studies conducted in our laboratories in collaboration with specialized international companies that we were able to produce traditionally made Lebanese sweets and distribute it worldwide while preserving the finest quality.
The sweets are wrapped in pieces or in special trays so they are displayed in international restaurants and shops.
We at Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL, are proud by this modern technology, developed specifically to provide our customers worldwide, the chance to enjoy the freshest Lebanese pastries all the year round.