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Since 1881, Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL has been gratifying their customers' gourmet fantasies with the most delicious homemade oriental pastries. Still improving on the legacy of the past,Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL pastries are now a reference in Lebanese sweets WORLDWIDE. 

Their craftsmen choose the best of nuts, pistachios, pine kernels, and other vitamin-loaded prime ingredients to give you the finest of oriental sweets.

The company policy is to maintain the quality of its products through selecting the best base ingredients and raw materials, improving the industry to satisfy its clients, and serving them faster worldwide by using modern packaging techniques, continuing to maintain this artistic and traditional handcraft through choosing qualified and experienced employees

This policy is implemented through the company's ISO 9001,2008 quality system, which covers all the company's operations and activities and applies to all employees.

Now Rafaat Hallab 1881 SAL focuses on customers who want high quality products, packed in a very appealing package. Our customers might be large corporations, small or medium businesses, or individuals.

Our product is positioned very carefully: this is high-quality sweet products that combines high skill workmanship and innovation for the customer who understands quality, demand refine taste, and the best service.




Our sweets are also available online at www.BuyLebanese.com



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