Kashta Products:

Who doesn’t love dessert? I’ve always had a sweet tooth myself. As a matter of fact, living in Lebanon, there’s unquestionably no shortage of traditional Middle Eastern sweets. They’re readily available for you to indulge in around every corner.

Knafeh: The ultimate everyday breakfast. Who doesn’t love this cheesy or not to mention Kashta deliciousness?

Ward el Cham: A nice tasty change from the typical nut filled baklawa pastries. A sweet phyllo pastry made of several layers. Filled with kashta, then sprinkled with grounded pistachio, and topped with candied orange blossom. Ward el Cham is a crunchy pastry that is usually served in small gateaux sizes

Karbouj: Its similar to Maamoul. Filled with pistachios and topped with a special cream. Shortbread “fingers” filled with pistachios and served with “Natef”. A sweet and fluffy egg white cream. I usually stayed away from these when I was younger. Now I can’t get enough!

Ossmaliyeh: Is a vary thin noodle pastries. Fried and then filled with kashta, drizzled with sugar syrup.

Available only for Lebanon